What We Can Do


We cannot ignore what is going on around us in the economy or ignore our responsibility either.

We are unable to control what Congress and our President do now, the damage is done and there seems to be no way to return, but we do control how we respond to the situation. I believe it is within our ability to respond appropriately to even the worst scenario with proper planning and education.

You need to watch EVERY SINGLE video I’ve put on the video pod and then decide how to respond to it. Panic and hysteria is not going to solve anything, and it will not help society as a whole. Look at what happened in New Orleans when people panicked.

You help your own family, your community, and society as a whole when you do the right thing. Blaming, getting angry or being hateful and accusatory will not fix the problem now. We are all to blame, at least to an extent) for our greed and irresponsible use of credit.

We need to do more now than ever to take care of our families, their spiritual, emotional, and mental health, and their understanding of what is in store for them in the future. You cannot protect them from the fallout, that will only make it worse for them. Understanding and knowing how to respond is the only thing that helps them and you now.

Let us unite as a community to help each other. If you want to use this site to do that, great! You can send me an article or something you write of your own and I will post it if it helps people. However, I will not accept anything that will inflame the situation.

Blaming politicians and the President or past administration won’t help us now, let the media and Washington do that because we need them to tell us what is going on. Blaming won’t cure the problem, yet it may help us feel better as long as we don’t spend much time thinking about it.

I am anxious to be hear from you soon. 

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