We The People



Patriotism is alive and well with many Americans but our youth don’t seem to know what makes America different than other governments and why the flag is important to us as a nation.

There is a strong movement among our youth in America toward communism. That is a frightening thought, because the young don’t have a memory to rely on of what threat Communism is to American’s way of life.

We need to teach our children as they grow up about what America stands for, it’s history, it’s patriots and heroes, and it’s values. When we constantly complain about what’s wrong with America and do nothing except complain, then our children grow up thinking our present form of government is bad. Is that what you want your children to pick up from your complaints?




26 comments on “We The People

  1. relax please,

    fear mongering is an ugly pursuit and your rant lacks anything compelling or interesting to anyone even those who are the most retarded. additionally you are off the map with your stupid analysis. I can see you from your thoughts that you haven’t got the requisite skills to form a vision that nearly depicts reality.

    let me guess… you are white, single (or in a failed relationship), unfulfilled with your job and pissed off over your inadequacies. You have zero diversity in your cultural life and you are stale. rotting in a grave before its time.

    None of your opinions mean squat. They are all fabricate by greedy fuckers who spoon feed them to you because you are too stupid to think for yourself.

    Oblivion hovers close. So get off your establishment rants and become something original.

    Fuck your current thoughts. they betray you. They promise you a hateful and painful future.

    Using Presidential politics as a means of describing the American demise exposes your limited mind

    read Howard Zinn and shut the fuck up!! You have no context whatsoever.

    fuck you!

  2. Okay, and who is the one ranting hatred and bad language. If you paid attention to all that is out there in the media, you would know that this is true. As far as being white and single with no diversity, let me assure you that I am a white, 61 year old who receives 15 newsletters and is very well informed. I am truly diversified in several areas with over 20 blogs on various subjects. I am also educated, since I know how to use a variety of words that don’t include “f……” And contrary to your belief, I do like President Obama because he represents the people who voted him into the highest office. Yes, I have very big concerns. Yes, I disagree with some of his policies, and yes I would like to see him make some changes but I DO respect his office and I DO respect the man who holds that office.

    I think President Obama is a likable person and an adorable father, I just don’t think his vision for America is the best for us. I do have the right to have a difference of opinion don’t I? Just as you do.

  3. The real hatred seems to be hatred for Causasians. Every white person I know will stand up for the rights of people of color. I’ve never seen it work both ways. Who are the real racists?

  4. America has witnessed the first hand results of a government that has been hijacked from “we the people.” through the bogus Obamacare fiasco. We will be taxed to the point of non survial by this program plus the bank bail out and the cap and trade bill that is next in line to be approved by congress.

    I hope and pray that the people of this fine nation are waking up to the fact that the government we have in office is not the government our founding fathers fought and died for. You ask how can I resist this onslaught, you still have your voice, speak out at home, at work at play anytime anywhere. It’s no time to be bashful when your life and loved ones are at stake from the criminal bogus regime sitting in Washington, it’s your choice slave or grave.

    Jim, one of many

  5. Well Jim, I’m one of many also. And I am speaking up…I have six blogs to reach out to everyone I can about this. I tried to warm people before he was elected but no one would listen. They thought I was Anti-Obama, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Black and I’m sure they could not believe any man so eloquent could be so bad for America. I don’t think they saw the handwriting on the wall either with Pelosi and Harry Reid as head of the party. All of these factors, plus the naiveté’ of the public has contributed to where we are now. We have to speak up and tell everyone what we know. Those who think this is a black thing and that those who oppose Obama also opposes blacks in the office of President. That just is not true. We can agree to disagree and that’s what people have to see. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I agree that the worst offenders of racism are those of color. It could be that they have become the product of their own fears and are becoming just like those they hate. Many of us have been at the end of hatred. Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Japanese, Italians, Mexicans, Blacks, Portuguese, and so on and so on. For one race to think they need to be treated differently because they have been wronged need to get over it like everyone else has. If we can’t get past it, we only give evil more power and the love of Christ goes right out the door. The blacks are such a loving people of the Lord. I would hate for them to lose the promptings of the Lord at a time we all need Him most.

  7. Thanks, that is a great site. I copied info and will be posting it on this site shortly. They should get a lot of phone calls or leads from my postings. Thanks for the information.

  8. انتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدا زوال أمريكا !

    ; بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم* انتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدا زوال أمريكا ! * نقلا عن مجلة الكلمة الطيبة العدد (21/22) جمادى …

    انتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدا زوال أمريكا !
    انتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدا زوال أمريكا !

    انتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدا زوال أمريكا !


    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم*

    انتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدا زوال أمريكا !
    نقلا عن مجلة الكلمة الطيبة العدد (21/22) جمادى الأولى / جمادى الثانية 1419 هـ ـ سبتمبر/أكتوبر 1998.
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    قد يتهمنا البعض بالخيال واللاواقعية عند قراءة هذا العنوان، فلا يتصور أن القوة الأولى في هذا العصر المهيمنة على العالم سيكون مصيرها الإنهيار.
    والولايات المتحدة القوة العظمى التي تملك أقوى جيش في العالم مزود بأحدث ترسانة من الأسلحة التقليدية والنووية والبيولوجية ولديها المئات من الصواريخ العابرة للقارات بالإضافة إلى التطور الإِقتصادي الذي يجعلها على قمة الدول الصناعية في العالم بما لديها من تقدم وتطور تكنولوجي حتى استطاع الأمريكيون غزو الفضاء ! !
    هذه هي النظرة الواقعية لكثير من الناس أسيري الدعاية والإِعلام، وبنظرة تأميلية يخبرنا المولى عز وجل – ومن أصدق من الله حديثا- في كتابه الكريم عن حضارات وأمم كانت في عصرها أشد قوة وأثارةً وتعميرا في الأرض ومع ذلك كان مصيرها الفناء والزوال عندما طغى أصحابها وكفروا بالله تعالى ولم يؤدوا حق الشكر على النعمة { وعادا وثمودا وقد تبين لكم مساكنهم وزين لهم الشيطان أعمالهم فصدهم عن السبيل وكانوا مستبصرين وقارون وفرعون وهامان ولقد جاءهم موسى بالبينات فاستكبروا في الأرض وما كانوا سابقين، فكلا أخذنا بذنبه فمنم من أرسلنا عليه حاصبا ومنهم من أخذته الصيحة ومنهم من خسفنا به الأرض ومنهم من أغرقنا وما كان الله ليظلمهم ولكن كانوا أنفسهم يظلمون }.
    ولا نقصد بعبارة، أمريكا إلى زوال، انهيار ناطحات السحاب وتدمير الجسور وتحطيم السيارات الفارهة، وإن كان هذا كله غير مستبعد وما زلزال لوس انجلوس الذي وقع في يناير 1995 م منهم ببعيد الذي حول معظم أرجاء المدينة الصاخبة إلى حطام ودمار في خلال عشرين ثانية فقط، وكذلك اعصار كاترين ولكن ما نقصده من زوال أمريكا هو انهيار الغطرسة والهيمنة الأمريكية وتحولها إلى قزم اقتصادي يستجدي المساعدات والمعونات بعد إصابة الإنسان الأمريكي باليأس والاحباط فيسعى بنفسه ليدمر بيديه كل شيئ.

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    وكذلك جرائم الزنا والاغتصاب وتزايد متناولي المخدرات وتزايد حالات الطلاق

    وتزايد نسبة الفقر في امريكا وسوء المعامله

    فالكنيسة نفسها تعاني من تصدع ديني وفساد خلقي عظيم على كافة المستويات، وبسبب الخزعبلات التي تروجها باسم الدين والإتاوات التي تفرضها على السذج الجهال ثمنا لصكوك الغفران ! ! أصبحت في معزل عن الناس بعد أن هجروها وهجروا دينها الوثني ! !
    لهذا ليس هناك علاج لوقف هذا التيار الجارف من الفساد الذي يقتلع أمامه أي دعوة إصلاحية هشة لا تتعدى مجرد كلمات لا معنى لها، سيقتل إعصار الفساد أي حاجز أمامه ليدمر أمريكا من جذورها.

    إنها سنة الله في الطغاة والمتجبرين كما حدث مع عاد وثمود وآل لوط وآل فرعون وكما رأينا في العصر الحديث في تفتيت وزوال دول متجبرة وأنظمة طاغية مستكبرة أمثال الاتحاد السوفيتي ويوغوسلافيا وتشيكوسلوفاكيا وألمانيا الشرقية وجنوب أفريقيا. وصدق الله العظيم القائل { أفلم يسيروا في الأرض فينظروا كيف كان عاقبة الذين من قبلهم دمر الله عليهم وللكافرين أمثالها }.
    فانتظروا قريبا وقريبا جدًّا زوال أمريكا.

  9. I hate to say that I agree with you in many things you say. America used to be a land of righteousness and good will, but the people have truly become corrupt and worship the God of lust, pleasure, gluttony, and all the while, letting those who are without suffer. The people and her government have truly lost their way. Yet there are still many of us in America who fight the evils we see around us and try to do as we should. We are all imperfect beings and all do wrong, but those who try to do good will be blessed according to their deeds. Yes, America will fall and so will all nations who are also not living according to God’s will, including Muslim people. They can become corrupt and do evil as well, even though they believe they are doing righteousness. You cannot say to your neighbor, here, let me remove that small imperfection in your eye from the evils you do and then not see our own imperfections and evil doings that are often more more grievous than our neighbor’s. We must remember that only God can judge and not us. Yes, America is having her issues right now, but it is still a nation full of people with a loving and compassionate heart. Yes, we can change and become better people, and so can you and your nation become better people. Harboring hate in our hearts is NOT righteous and wanting God’s children to die and to be punished severely is an evil of it’s own. We are all God’s creation and He does love us, even in our stupidity and hate. Why? I don’t know, but he does and we have to leave punishment up to him and not glory in the suffering of others. Do you understand? Do you know what I mean? Do you not agree? Thank you for your comment.

  10. The very essence of capitalism is servitude. Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership and entrepreneurship. Those who have the intelligence and power to establish private enterprises and produce salable goods are the landlords or masters of those who provide the labor to manufacture and distribute such products. These same masters who infiltrate our government and corrupt our politicians, are the same people who promote wars, and subject the working class to lower wages or outsource their jobs to someone who will do it for less. They have no tolerance for welfare or the dignity of the lower-class citizen. Their main objective is GREED.
    Capitalism is our destiny. No other form of society has proven to work better than capitalism. The wheels of progress cannot be stopped. Wherever goods can be manufactured and distributed for less money, there you will find growth. America is at the fork in the road where it must decide on the future. Do we continue as a nation absorbed in greed, or do we try to find a way that will preserve our crown of freedom and stop our slide into the abyss of degradation and humiliation.
    If we seek to care for our own, it does not make us a welfare state, but it does make us a caring nation.

  11. I dont truly know what you talking about right here. This cant be the only way to think about this can it? It appears like you understand a lot, so why not explore it more? Make it more accessible to everyone else who might not agree with you? Youd get a lot more individuals behind this should you just stopped making common statements.

  12. You are right and I appreciate your comment. When I wrote this along time ago, I was just starting to figure out things. However, there is so much more that I’ve come to realize. I hope you will check out my other site where I can explore this topic a lot more. I have some good information there that is a lot clearer. You may appreciate the information there. Use this link http://canwebelieveit.info/2010/09/09/cnns-jack-cafferty-on-obama/ and check out the report and then you will see links at the bottom that take you to all he research I’ve done on this subject. I think you will like the site.

  13. First I would like to say the language should be checked befor it’s posted. Second, I don’t want to hear about racism. People who live here choose to live here. If you feel there is rascism why would you stay. That is my comment

  14. I appreciate your point of view. I write about it because we have an atmosphere right now where that word is used for everything that Conservatives disagree with. Racism is a constant attack on conservatives and so I guess I was pulled into that atmosphere as well. I have just made some changes so I want to thank you. Give me a little time to complete the changes and then check it please. I am open to any other advice or comments you have about the content of this site.

  15. To the Editor, very well said. I find it interesting how the left responds when someone disagrees with them. You are labeled a racist or a bigot. With that said, it appears that the left lacks the ability to engage in the dialogue. I believe President Obama is a likeable guy but I do not agree nor like his politics, that’s it and that’s all. My right. Excellent blog.

  16. Obama LOWERED taxes and repealing the Health Care Laws would cost 230 billion dollars. (as estimated by the CBO)

  17. As a liberal I would like to apologize for the above poster and just state he does not represents the majority of us. Just as the man who asks when will obama be shot does not represent the majority of right-wingers.

  18. I really cannot understand the worship of Reagan it is all based on myths.
    Myth 1: He lowered taxes.
    FALSE: he actually raised taxes multiple times.
    Myth 2: He was a fiscal conservative.
    FALSE: He TRIPLED the budget
    Myth 3: Stood by conservative principles

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