A Sovereign Nation!


Are you ready to hear something that most people don’t want to hear? I am telling you that America is on the verge of losing its independence as a nation that governs by a “Republic of States to secure Checks and Balances”.  Sovereignty

The demise of America is coming from within our own Congress and President. They want to make the American Continent one country and one nation with one currency.

They want to keep all elections on electronic devices that have no paper back-up, they don’t want to prove that those who vote are who they say they are by showing a drivers license. Can you believe voting without proof of who you are? It’s just amazing…….

Take a look at these videos and then tell me what you think. First, let me ask: Who created the crisis so that government can step in and save us? Hum, something to consider?

Is Glenn Beck Being a radical here or is his premise reasonable to question and perhaps accept as truth? Watch this video and then you decide.

Global Collapse:  France and Germany are broke and the USA is $13 trillion in debt to the world. This video was made January 02, 2009.  Scary how what they’ve predicted is coming true.


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