4 comments on “May 21, 2011 Earthquake on New Madrid Fault

  1. Get a life, mister. You’re not doing any good with your fear mongering. While you hide in your basement eating greenbeans out of a can and waiting for the ground to start shaking, I’m going to be watching x-men and laughing at paranoid retards like you.

  2. I am not fear mongering and sitting in a basement eating. In fact, I am a female who is not prepared as much as I wish I was. I do believe there will be an earthquake, perhaps not on May 21st and it won’t be the end of the earth, but I’ve been reporting on H.A.A.R.P for over a year. There is too much to ignore with the going’s on with HAARP and it is the evil side of man. I have no doubt that the things suggested in the video are true. How to assimilate the information and apply is your deal and mine. The information is available and you do with it what you want. Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate your point of view and WELCOME all comments.

  3. we’ve been talking about HAARP’s ability to brainwash citizens from the ionosphere and electrojet in addition to potentially causing weather wars. We wrote 2 books about it 2012 Airborne Prophesy and Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology.

  4. I started to write about HAARP a year ago but was not sure if I believed it. The more I learned the things are clear about what is going on right now. By destroying food with natural calamity, we will have to buy food from one source, the one they are planning over overseas. It’s all part of the Master Plan. Scary, but people won’t believe it and won’t prepare food storage either. http://canwebelieveit.info/2011/06/14/its-a-global-conspiracy-to-take-down-america/ Read how China and Global agents are trying to take control of New Zealand’s food and dairy. They have plans to have plots of land used for world food, which of course, they control. That is just evil!!!!

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