3 comments on “If I Was On ObamaCare I’d Be Dead

  1. What do you disagree with? I believe that I would have died if I had to go through a review panel to get an okay for the tests that actually figured out I had two blood clots in the lungs. I had been to the hospital three times and the doctor once before Dr. Buckner promised to get to the bottom of what was causing me to pass out. He had to run a very expensive nuclear scan that would give him a good idea if he was on the right track but could not do the one with a dye until the next day because my kidneys were too dehydrated and would fail so he had to do that the next day. Are you saying that you don’t believe Obama care would have gotten in the way of my care? Do you think the hospital sending me home with a 70/40 blood pressure had nothing to do with ObamaCare? I know one thing, hospitals are reluctant to spend much money in the emergency room so what what it be like if they had a government agency always looking over their shoulder? I really believe that I was being sent home to die if it had not been for a friend who insisted that my husband take me back to the emergency room. I also believe ObamaCare will NOT improve this problem with hospitals and more people will be sent home like I was to die. Please, I can take it. Tell me exactly how you think what I’ve said is nonsense. I just ask that you be respectful is all. Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate it and hope you will write back.

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