4 comments on “This is Outrageous

  1. Obama hasn’t done anything constructive…just destructive
    and it only continues. The Impeachment process should begin
    before he ruins this coutry completely. Citizenship as the initial

  2. I know we need to impeach Obama but how do we do that when he has control of the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Justice Department? He has his own military and media, his own czars, and all are set up to protect him. It’s a lot like the Bathe Party in Iraq with Saddam.

    We really don’t have much left of a democracy any more. Obama and the liberal movement have taken care of that. He is only one king-ping in this fight. We get rid of him, Reid, Pelosi, and others, we still might not be able to recover. We have to put ALL New people in there or at least start with trustworthy Republicans and then start cleaning house.

    We must wake up society first because they don’t know all that we know. I can only do a small part on my own. Although I have 859,000 page views from all of my sites, it’s not enough. Somehow, suddenly I dropped from the 859,000 I had to under ten thousand. Why?

    I suspect I have drawn the attention of Washington. I have 45 visitors from Washington DC. Hummmm! Interesting isn’t it. How else could I have lost so much in a week’s time? Even if I lost a huge subscriber base, that would not explain the 850,000 drop in a week. I can think of only one reason and that is somebody who has the power to block my feeds has intervened.

    We should work together. I just added your site to my blog list. When you are ready to host your site with someone and have better blog theme choices, let me host your site and add wordpress applications. You will have a huge choice of themes.

  3. What people do not realize is that we (The Peeople)do have control.
    Vote out all of the Obama yes men, giving the house & senate
    to Republicans. The effort has to be made, that elected officials
    will NOT be tolerated unless their agenda is listening to the People.
    Congressman & Senators have to be contacted with such notification.
    For instance, the “Pink Slip” effort has begun which notifies such candidate that they will be receiving a Pink Slip come election time
    if they continue to in their ways.

    BTW your blog already has a link to mine on wordpress.

  4. I agree with you about elections but I am concerned that we can’t change enough quick enough. Obama is already on fast track and full speed ahead! As such, he is accomplishing a great deal to takeover all we have, including the Internet. He is so scary.

    I guess all we can do is pray the Lord will help us defeat the enemy inside of America. That’s why I write all of my blogs,and that’s why I am part of organizations like http://www.FreedomWorks.org and the TEA Party efforts. Only being part of these groups can help us get back what we’ve lost.

    The Republican Party has been a great big wimp until recently. At least they are standing for what’s right now, which is how they got the reputation now of being the Party of “NO”. It’s about time! But after we get rid of problem Democrats, we need to clean house in the Republican Party as well. This means that a vote against a Republican is a vote to continue our loss of more and more FREEDOMS. We have to vote in Republicans right now. If we vote libertarian or whatever, we split the vote and give it to a Democrat…just like we did when we voted for Ross Perot and elected Clinton for a second term.

    These elections are so important! I hope people understand that, now that they are waking up. I just hope it’s quick enough to see the handwriting on the wall. Our job is to tell them what they don’t know in terms they can understand. We have to get that message out to everyone we can reach.

    BTW I just added your link right after I sent back a reply to you. I hope people will use it. Your work is great stuff. I am getting huge subscriptions and traffic to http://CanWeBelieveIt.Info and http”//News.OurDaySolutions.com. I hope you check them out and add them to your blog list as well. Thanks for your input. I appreciate your comments and your work.

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