2 comments on “Please Join My Forum

  1. I have only recently become involved in politics. That being said, I think the TEA Party movement has legitimate concerns that need to be addressed by our government. I look forward to their upcoming successes in the ’10 mid-term elections.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I am pleased to hear that you have become involved in politics. Good for you! People just can’t be complacent anymore. We have really corrupt people in government now who don’t follow the Constitution and want to destroy America. It’s too dangerous of times to be complacent now.

    I didn’t become active in politics until September 2001, after 9-11. I watched all the hearings on C-Span and interviews the House of Representatives had with bio-chemical weapon specialists and WMD inspectors to Iraq. I saw how ridiculous the Senate was as far as finding out the truth. All they wanted to do was follow party lines and adhere to the typical talking points of the party. I saw the stupid games they played in the Senate to avoid passing a law they didn’t want. I saw outright biased and slanted reporting by the media. Ever since then, I’ve been actively opening my mouth to report what I’ve seen and what I know. I can’t be quiet knowing the things I do. Thanks again for your comment.

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