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  1. Kathy Boyles commented on your link:

    “As always, the love of money is the root of all evil. Everyone knew this day would come when so many companies moved the jobs overseas to get cheap labor. When people have no work, they rely on unemployment and/or welfare. The crime rate goes up because more people are desperate. We buy goods imported from China because they are cheaper and available. Our Social Security has been jeapardized by trying to cover those who have not paid into it who should not qualify to receive it and anything else the government decides to spend it on beside what was intended to start with. We buy oil from the Middle East countries instead of tapping on our own resources. We are not deporting illegal aliens, but supporting them instead. It is just one stupid thing after the other. “

  2. TEA Party Express
    Ben Hoffman
    2010/02/26 at 3:34pm
    Something the tea party goers don’t know is, the Boston tea party wasn’t so much about taxes; it was a revolt against corporate power. The India Tea Company with the support of England was trying to put the small tea companies out of business. That’s what they were rebelling against, yet the current tea party movement seems to support the corporate takeover of our country.

    TEA Party Express
    4 #
    2010/02/26 at 8:49pm | In reply to Ben Hoffman.
    I appreciate your comment. I think the the TEA Party is NOT about tea. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. The movement is truly a form of rebellion but not a violent rebellion. It is more about protesting Congress and the reckless spending of money that is causing us higher taxes and the devaluation of the dollar because of our outrageous debt to other countries. Somebody needs to put the brakes on spending in Washington because it seems that Congress and the President don’t get the picture still and keep on spending as if there is no tomorrow!

    If the dollar collapses and the government goes bankrupt, who do you think gets left to pay for it? The government WILL BE FREE OF THEIR DEBT RESPONSIBILITIES AND WE WILL BE LEFT WITH NOTHING! Nothing means no money to buy food and pay bills. It’s not the corporate takeover we need to fear, it is the government driving the dollar into the ground, bankrupting our country and then they sit there pretty as the citizens scrap for food. That is the reality we face!

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