2 comments on “Congressman John Fleming

  1. http://www.economist.com/world/united-states/displaystory.cfm?story_id=15603276&source=features_box1

    The liberals with their current rhetoric are not giving up ANYTHING; this is only a ploy; they just want to get any health care program into the hands of the government and then step-by-step incorporate everything they tried to push through and down our throats initially.

    From the attached (next to last paragraph): …Democrats now seem eager to push a package through. One reason, Mr. Obama argued, is to prove to a cynical public that the federal government works [a false and fallacious statement because it pertains to an arena that is outside Constitutional limits]: “At stake right now is not just our ability to solve this problem, but our ability to solve any problem.”

    Liberals and all socialists just don’t get it, and from all examples and our long experience with them, they never will. ‘We’ the people do not have a health care problem; only liberals construe that we have a problem. Obama’s whole premise is flawed and wrong; the federal government has never ‘worked’ in dealing with the private affairs of the people. Our nation’s leaders have sown socialistic programs like almost every other nation in the world, and it is manifest and easy to see everywhere what we have reaped. ‘I’ don’t have a problem; do ‘you’ have a problem? There may be those that do have a problem, but it isn’t the government’s place or prerogative to presume that you and I do, and to tax you and me so they can distribute our money for the use of others and to dictate how our personal health care will be administered to us, which is totally un-Constitutional. ‘I’ don’t want the government to institute ANY health care program, do ‘you’? Let’s defeat this; God help us to do so.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you on everything you said. That’s why they have to ram it down our throats because they know the majority of us see through their plan. Ronald Reagan said that government needs to stay out of private business. Plus, he said that it would be immoral to tax those who already pay their fair share for things those who do not pay their fair share of taxes. In other words, Socialism! You might also like my new blog at http://CanWeBelieveIt.Info.

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