2 comments on “Obama Admits He Is Muslim?

  1. I think you are over reacting to fears being drummed into our heads by the zoinist media . For the record : 1. Look at his integrity and his performance before you judge him on religous grounds ( Remember Mohamad Ali ) … 2. Why would the MUSLIM world be at war with us . Don’t you think it is to do with what we are doing to them . First the issue with Philistine , that was taken from them and given to the Jews that were thrown out of Europe , the funding of the Jewish Army to the tune of US$ 6.7 Million per DAY ( our tax payers money ) to kill thepalestinians the Afghanistan war , then the Iraq war ( all because of the issue of with the demise US dollar and the greed for free OIL …….. 3. The Supposed 9/11 that was perpertrated by the Taliban ( do you really think that they are capable of doing that ) If you look at the video footage of 9/11 , then you’ll see that the towers actual imploded inwards , and that can only be done with the help of explosive that were strategically planted at the bottom of the structure . You know why , because (a)we needed the war to keep one of our biggest industries alive , (b) The insurance on the towers were cancelled by LLoyds of London , because the structure was weeaking , because of prior explosion damage , (c) and we needed to stop Iraq from trading oil in other currencies , other than the US dollar .
    In other words we have to protect the US dollar and so doing protect the US economy ,which hasbeen insolvent for the last 6 years ……….. if Iran ,Russia and Venuezela ditch the US dollar in their OIL TRADE dealings , then we will either have to go to war again , or ask China and India to bail us out ………… so you see , it is nothing to do with religion , because in the end we all return to the same GOD , but it is to do with greed and waste by the American people ……….. ihope you can study other religions , then you will see it is basically all the same………… and please read up on the OIL COMPANIES that our politicians are shareholders of ……… makes you think .

  2. I do not have a problem with Muslims (only the fanatical ones who are violent) or that Obama is a Muslim. What I have a problem with is that he would not tell us he was a Muslim and even denied it by saying he is Christian. That is a big deal Benny. He has also prevented his records from college to be examined, which I think means he has something to hide or he would release them; just as presidents of the past have had requested of them in campaigns. It makes me wonder what he has to hide that he does not want the people to know. That isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s just common sense that, if he doesn’t have something to hide, why resist giving the information? True, the public has become very intrusive on a person’s past life, but people need to know the truth about the man they are electing as president.

    I don’t agree with you that President Obama has been honest and has integrity. I see time and again where he has lied – the health care bill is a perfect example. I think he appears to be honest and good but he IS NOT because he wants to reshape America in his own image. On that point, it sounds like we will never agree (and that’s okay, we don’t have to agree) but we can agree to disagree. Truth is, Obama told us exactly who he is during the campaign but I guess people weren’t listening or didn’t care. Now, after they elected him, they are talking about impeaching him. People should have been a lot more responsible with their voting powers and learned more about the man before electing him. I think they were more interested in making history by electing a black man (which a person’s race is a stupid reason to elect somebody) instead of seeing him as a man who will be president and his ideals agree with ours. As far as the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, President Obama has gone on record during the campaign that he believed Afghanistan is where we need to be and go after get Ben Laden. Now that he is President, he doesn’t want to send in troops. It’s okay for him to change his mind, but he needs to at least tell people why he did.

    I agree with you that there are very suspicious circumstances behind the Trade Center coming down. Did you see the documentary they had on TV a month ago about the conspiracies behind the towers and the Pentagon being hit? It was pretty interesting. I think that report has put my mind to rest on the point that they had to have explosive on the support structure for it to come down because no one could have placed them quick enough – unless the repairman working on the elevator could have done it but it doesn’t look like they could have had time without being seen by a lot of people. They pointed out that it would mean over 1,000 people would have had to keep the secret if it was an inside job: all workers at the towers, the guards, the airlines towers workers when the planes went into the buildings, all the government officials who investigated the damage and made reports, and all of the Congressional hearing participants. It’s unlikely all of these people would have kept such a secret. So I’m pretty sure that towers were not an inside job, although I still have reservations about some of the findings. For instance, I watched a very good video on the towers coming down and the questions they have about it. I’ll have to find the link to that video from about two or so years ago. There was another tower (number 7) that came down too but nothing is ever said in the media about that tower, I wonder why. Also, some of the experts say that the metal could not have melted from the temperature fuel from the plane would have caused and that the pool of melted metal was hot for too long to be caused by plane fuel. I don’t know if we will ever know everything we need to know, but I do DONT think it was a government inside job.

    I also don’t agree with your idea of what the US will do when the dollar fails. I don’t think you realize the calamity it will cause world-wide. That’s why China is trying to get the world to use another currency and to adopt the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) as the new world currency. It will possibly be more like electronic currency as in debits and credits. If you click on the link, you will see a video on the explanation of SDR. We will be bankrupt so why would any country invest in us unless they can put pressure on our politics. Is that a good idea? NO! We may be the first country to fall victim to overspending, but we will not be the only one. Many other countries will follow as well. Do you really comprehend what catastrophic results will come from that event?

    We also agree that Christ will return and that He is in charge of this world. However, do you appreciate that, in order for him to return, all governments will have to fall and the world house needs to be torn down so the Lord can rebuild it? DO you understand what that entails and what kind of turmoil the planet and it’s inhabitants will have to go through first? That means people better wake up and take care of their physical and spiritual needs and not spend their money on greedy things, just to lavish themselves and let people without starve and go without. There is something very wrong with a society that will spend the money they think is theirs (when it all belongs to God first) and then let others sit in misery – except when it involves pure laziness and lack of stewardship over themselves and their families. People need a hand out (not handouts) for basics needs but not to the point that they become lazy and complacent or dependent on the benefactors for their sustenance. That is not the way God created mankind. We were created to think for ourselves and to work for our sustenance, but we were also created to need each other and to care for each other. Yet, that all needs to be balanced according to His word. Being lazy and letting others take care of us because we won’t do it for ourselves is against the way God created us to be.

    Last, I do believe the OIL Companies are VERY greedy (along with many huge corporations right now) and that they need to have a rude awakening, but government cannot be the holder of oil companies or any company of free enterprise and free commerce. That is where I really disagree with the President and the Democratic party. It is not governments job to make sure man has all that they need, that is taking the place of God and His ability to humble us and teach us stewardship and to be “my brother’s keeper”. It also prevents churches and neighborhoods to care for their own. We must encourage communities to help their people and give them the resources to do so, but not have a government take-over. I have a big problem with government getting into this area. That is NOT a Republican point of view, it is a point of view that I believe comes from God and the way we were created.

    Well, sorry for going on to such lengths to tell you how I feel. I am very grateful for your comments. I just wish we could see more eye to eye with what the President is doing. I like him as a father, I think he is an adorable dad, but I really don’t like his liberal ideals. He stands for most everything I am against, but that is the way it goes sometimes. I just wish people would not blindly follow him when there is so much about him that doesn’t make sense. He is a scary man, I’m sorry to say, and he has some very scary ideas. But, although I feel this way, I do support him as our president because the office deserves that from its citizens. I don’t like people degrading the office of President of the United States, and I don’t like them criticizing him publicly for the whole world to see. Anyway, thanks again for your comment.

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